On Sunday 30 March 2003 22:14, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Didn't you send this very same mail some months ago already? Is is
> really that difficult to use Google? The glob plug-in has a website:
> http://www.bangsplat.org/gimp/
Well, yes I did, in the gimp-users mailing list.. not getting any answers for, 
indeed, some months. Assuming it was not the right mailing list to post that 
kind of questions, I reposted my message, in gimp-developer this time, with 
some slight changes in it to actualize it. 

I did use Google many times and searched all combinations I could imagine 
using the words file-glob, gimp, plugin, script-fu, directory, listing etc.. 
to find something usefull, the only things I found where your messages in the 
mailing-list archives and alot of perl-things.. 
But in those mails you were talking about the plugin being in the plugin 
registry. I hoped to find it there, but I didn't.. 

Anyway, thanks for the URL, I didn't manage to find that page with Google. And 
I still don't, what search string do I have to use to actualy find that page?

Robin Roevens

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