On 4 Apr 2003, at 2:41, Ernst Lippe wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Apr 2003 02:00:22 +0200
> Branko Collin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > What do the two different GimpPreviews do? If they are so alike, why
> > are there two different versions? Please explain it to me as if I
> > did not understand programming at all (which I don't, so it will be
> > very easy for me to play my part :-)).
> There is a large difference. The GimpPreview in the GIMP is used
> internally, and is not avalaible to plug-ins (I you are really
> as naive as you pretend, I should probably should have called
> the plug-ins "filters"). My preview is intended for plug-ins
> and contains severeal bells-and-whistles, that might be usefull
> for plug-ins.

But otherwise they have the same function? Is it useful to have two 
previews that do the same?

> > As an aside: on your intropage, you end half of the sentences
> > without and the other half with full-stops.
> I hope you mean the initial table of contents (I already started
> looking at the "Introduction" page, but that one looked mostly OK).

I think that's what I meant, but I was too lazy to look it up. The 
page that has a list of contents (that are links).

> That is just intended as some help to future software archeologists so
> that they can determine in which order these pages were written :) But
> I will immediately admit that my punctiation is horrible.

That is not why I told you this: in a previous mail, you asked us to 
look at spelling mistakes and such (you may not have used the actual 
phrase 'spelling mistakes').

> BTW, I have the feeling that most americans would not use the
> term "full-stop". So I suspect, that you originate from that
> part of the world that thinks that "Europe" and "the continent"
> as synonyms.

The e-mail domains we use are owned by the same company. You may draw 
your conclusions from that fact. :-)

branko collin
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