> i scratched-together a to-do list for my own GIMP wants & wishes, and put
> online, thought it might be worth sharing:

<<... from the URL: CinePaint cannibalization whatever CinePaint [was: Film
GIMP] has for supporting additional image formats, bring it into the GIMP's
current CVS, progressively. Note that this would require the addition of
some used and new code, for 48-bit image handling. >>

CinePaint is more versatile than 48-bits RGB. It handles 8, 16, or 32-bits
per channel, which means 128-bits of RGBA. To handle OpenEXR, the new
ILM/NVIDIA Half float 16-bit format, requires CinePaint use 32-bit IEEE
float internally because we don't handle ILM Half float. OpenEXR 16-bit
float images are promoted to 32-bit when loaded.


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