Hi everyone,

I have been cracking my head for the past day trying to think of a way to
draw a vertical line with just a simple click of the mouse.

Basically, what I have is this:

On my image, I have two horizontal lines, I want a tool that will allow
me to just click anywhere between these two lines and draw a vertical line(width
of 1 pixel) connecting both horizontal lines.

I have tried to think of ways to do it, like creating my own brush(too inaccurate),
or writing a script to do it(no idea where to find the function to handle
mouse events).

Basically, the best idea that has come to me is to sort of go into the gimp
source code and write a tool that basically works like the bucket fill tool(the
button that has a paint bucket on it). I will just click anywhere between
the two lines and this tool automatically helps me draw a straight vertical
line across the two lines.

Can anyone please advice me on a better way to do this(basically simpler
way since I have no experience checking out gimp's source code), or maybe
even telling me if the way I'm going is feasible. I really need some input
here so if you need any clarifications, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance,

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