First of all, just wanna thank you guys especially Chris, Branko, Marc and
Dov for answering some of my questions the past 2 days. Your help is greatly

Anyway, my question regards the gimp_pencil tool. One of its parameters
is an array of floats. I tried to pass in this by doing

//just imagine all variables contain integers

        @positions = (0, $startPos, $width, $startPos);
        gimp_pencil($layer, 4, @positions );


        gimp_pencil($layer, 4,  (0, $startPos, $width, $startPos) );

Everytime I try to run this script, Gimp pops me a message and says:

perl-arrayref required as datatype for a gimp array at blahdirectory then
line number (ERROR)

Anyone knows how do I fix this?

Thanks all!


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