What should one do with requests like this? If I recall correctly, I
already once have told these people that they don't need any more
permissions than what they already have to redistribute GIMP, and that
even if they did need some permission, I am not entitled to give them
it on the behalf of all the copyright holders...

Could perhaps Sven or Mitch contact them, in German, explaining the
situation? ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

The web page they refer to has the possibility to answer "I agree and
grant permission for the CD mentioned above as well as any CDs in
future regular issues of c't and/or c't-specials. This permission is
valid until revoked" which sounds kinda the correct choice, but on the
other hand it says "I confirm that I own the rights required to give
this consent", which I don't think I do.

The forwarded message:

>  The German computer magazine c't will publish a special issue 
>  (subject: digital photography) which includes a CD ROM with 
>  corresponding freeware and shareware programs (publishing date: 
>  autumn 2003). Your software "The Gimp" has been 
>  pre-selected to be put on this CD ROM. Some of the programs are 
>  also to be included on a CD ROM for the Dutch edition of c't.
>  To put your software on the CD we need your consent as soon as 
>  possible, since the deadline is imminent. It can easily be given 
>  on our Website at
>  http://www.heise.de/...
>  where you will find a form for your data. In order to protect 
>  your information we generated the following authentification code 
>  for you:
>  ...
>  To be able to include your software we need your consent until 
>  the 06/11/2003 at the latest.
>  Thanks a lot for your assistance!


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