On 2 Jun 2003, at 23:28, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> What should one do with requests like this? If I recall correctly, I
> already once have told these people that they don't need any more
> permissions than what they already have to redistribute GIMP, and that
> even if they did need some permission, I am not entitled to give them
> it on the behalf of all the copyright holders...
> Could perhaps Sven or Mitch contact them, in German, explaining the
> situation? ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
> The web page they refer to has the possibility to answer "I agree and
> grant permission for the CD mentioned above as well as any CDs in
> future regular issues of c't and/or c't-specials. This permission is
> valid until revoked" which sounds kinda the correct choice, but on the
> other hand it says "I confirm that I own the rights required to give
> this consent", which I don't think I do.

I used to work as an editor for the Dutch edition, and IIRC, we had a
database of some sort that stored the license type of software. I
don't remember what happened to GPL software, but I would imagine
that we did not ask the authors permission to distribute GPLed

Assuming the Germans use a similar database, I take it they forgot to
register GIMP as a GPL product. Perhaps you should just try and
remind them again.

I'd offer to e-mail them instead, but I don't know a Christopher
Tränkmann (cht), so it really would make no difference if I did or

branko collin
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