On Sunday 08 June 2003 06:13, Stefan Klein wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a computer science student looking for a final year project.
> I'd love to do something in the Open Source community and I am
> looking around where my help might be needed. Having a little
> interest in graphics design and prepress, I came across GIMP and
> CMYK support. The little research I've done gives me the impression
> that over the last couple of years it's regularly been asked for
> and it might be an important feature to get GIMP into the pre-press
> world.

Men, would that be great. I just joined this list about a week ago, 
trying exactly to check this issue: a native CMYK model.

However, taking a look at the code, I just thought it was too much for 
me, and was waiting for this subject to pop up on the list. 
As Sven had pointed out, it seens that such profound changes will have 
to wait gimp 2.0, and a re-writng of the core. It, however, have to 
be done, and its about time to start with it.

In the meantime, one of the things I am planning is developping a 
paliative plugin, that will separate the CMYK in different layers - 
or channels -. Such a Plugin could work from gimp 1.2 already, and 
has no need to make it in the official GIMP, while it waits for a 
true CMYK support - but could however make the GIMP more usable for 

Currently there is a image->mode->split to cmyk option, that however 
keep the colors addictive. Printing them requisres an aditional 
inverting in each channel. BTW, the plugin wihich I talk above could 
be as simple as calling this, and automatting the inversion. Adding 
some crop and register marks seen not to be hard, via plugin and PDB 
as well. For crop and register marks, however, the thing could be a 
little morre permanent than the color separation plugin, and would be 
a serious candidate to get to the oficial release.

I know very little of color separation theory by bnow, but it seens me 
that this separation ma ynotbe accurate. The newsprint filter
(filters->distorts->newsprint) can make the separation as well, with 
an extra degree of control.

All in all Stephan, I am wiling to work along with you on this issue, 
even if I can be of little help.

maybe there would be time to add a provisorie(sp?) CMYK to the Color 
Curves tool only before the release? What would you say?



> What I'd like to know is the following:
> 1. Is anybody actually working on this? There were hints now and
> then that people are thinking about it, but I didn't find anything
> definite, apart from an entry "Additional ColorModels" on the GEGL
> todo list (http://developer.gimp.org/gegl-todo.html) that seems to
> point in that direction.
> 2. How important is this really? What I am talking about is native
> CMYK support, not just a conversion function. There was a thread on
> the developers-list in November 2001
> (http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/
>msg01350. html) that gives the impression that it might not be all
> that important and that there might be cheaper workarounds
> (converting when saving, spot color channels). How important is a
> CMYK mode for people working in prepress? 3. Any guesses on the
> effort to implement this?
> I'd appreciate it if you could answer asap, since I have to hand in
> my project proposals very shortly.
> Thanks
> Stefan

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