Gimp-Print 4.2.6-pre1, released April 18, 2003, is a prerelease in the
Gimp-Print 4.2 series.

Gimp-Print is a suite of printer drivers that may be used with most
common UNIX print spooling systems, including CUPS, lpr, LPRng, or
others.  These drivers provide high quality printing for UNIX
(including Macintosh OS X 10.2 and newer) and Linux systems in many
cases equal to or better than proprietary vendor-supplied drivers, and
can be used for many of the most demanding printing tasks.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers, including Foomatic data.

The Print plug-in for the GIMP requires the Gimp 1.2.

The CUPS driver requires CUPS 1.1.9 or higher.  1.1.14 or above is
highly recommended, as certain translation-related bugs are fixed and
it is possible to print true CMYK.

The Ghostscript driver requires GNU Ghostscript 5.10, 5.50, 6.51, or any
later GNU Ghostscript release based on 6.51 (e. g. 6.52).  It may also
be used with GNU Ghostscript 7.05, or with ESP Ghostscript 7.05.

The IJS GhostScript plugin driver requires GNU Ghostscript 6.53 or
later, ESP Ghostscript 7.05 or later, or APFL GhostScript 7.04 or

Users of Macintosh OS X 10.2 and above can use this package, as the
printing system is based on CUPS, which is supported by Gimp-print.
Note that Macintosh OS X 10.0 and 10.1 (including 10.1.5) cannot use
this package.  We recommend that Macintosh OS X users download the
precompiled installer package from rather than attempt to
build this package from source, as using the installer is much
simpler.  We further recommend that Macintosh OS X users install ESP
GhostScript, to permit printing from Carbon applications (such as most
Adobe applications) that generate PostScript rather than PDF output.
Directions for that are also available at

Please read the README file for full instructions on installing this
package from source code.

Gimp-Print 4.2.6-pre1 contains the following major changes over
Gimp-Print 4.2.5:

1) Preliminary support for Epson Stylus C50, Stylus Photo 900, CL-740,
   PM-870C, PM-930C, PM-970C, and PM-3700C.  The PM-930C and PM-970C
   are limited to 2880x1440 DPI in this release; this restriction will
   not be lifted in 4.2.

2) Better conformance to the PPD spec on the part of the CUPS PPD

3) Per-page variables in the CUPS driver are now set at the beginning
   of each page.  This makes it possible to change the page size (for
   example) in the middle of a document.

4) The PostScript LanguageLevel attribute in the CUPS PPD files now
   defaults to 3, as all current Ghostscript releases are fully
   compatible with Level 3 PostScript.

5) Minor speed improvement for the HP LaserJet IIP.

6) The Foomatic data now uses the clear-text printer ID's from
   Foomatic 3.0, in addition to legacy support for the older numeric

7) Minor adjustment to the HP DeskJet 340 margins.

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