Hi again!

I wrote yesterday that I was writting a XOR layer combine mode.

Well, today it just working fine.
While it does have it's interesting applications, I think that including it 
as a default layer combine/paint mode would bloat the User Interface,
as undoubtley, there are lots of other creative specific layer combination 
effects that could be written.

On the other hand, adding a new layer combine/paint mode gives possibilities 
to the final user that are not, afaik, feasible with ordinary pos-compile 
plugins, as with new layer modes there comes completely new brushes and 

So, it ocurred to me that with something more elaborated than what  I did, 
there could be implemented a "custom layer combine" mode.
Them, one "custom" option would be added in the layer mode/paint options,a nd 
the actual pixel operations for this would be defined in a dialog box 
somewhere else, maybe even as a plugin.

Therefore, one could, for instance,ina  single work use a "combine 50% blue as 
green" mode, and on his next image, the artist could make an "add red to 
alpha" combine mode. The differene is that the option is up to the user, and 
there will be no need for him to patch the Gimp to get the desired effects.

So, I would like to know if you think this could be an itneresting feature. 
What could and could not be done here. If we get to an interesting final idea 
here, I think I can write, with ocasional questions to you, the necessary 
code to make it work.

Thank you for the support,


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