i am sorry, i didn't attach your letter like i should have.  i hope that
TheGIMP continues to support methods that are accessible to everyone.

There has been a thorough discussion of how to publish with linux and
cmyk issues.  My friend took the right path to printing and still got
bitched at by the printer for not using a mac.  I think they had to do
a conversion anyways.

I am sick of this issue, personally.  

I don't understand software development, but it seems like if it is
needed it gets built.  Gimp has been publishing and analysing xrays and
such for a very long time, in computer years.

If you need it, if you want it, build it.

I prefer that the printers catch up to modern technology.  For the
prices they ask, i think they are lagging.

my 21 cents worth

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.
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