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> I am a computer science student looking for a final year project. I'd love
> to do something in the Open Source community and I am looking around where
> my help might be needed. Having a little interest in graphics design and
> prepress, I came across GIMP and CMYK support. The little research I've done
> gives me the impression that over the last couple of years it's regularly
> been asked for and it might be an important feature to get GIMP into the
> pre-press world.
> What I'd like to know is the following:
> 1. Is anybody actually working on this? There were hints now and then that
> people are thinking about it, but I didn't find anything definite, apart
> from an entry "Additional ColorModels" on the GEGL todo list
> (http://developer.gimp.org/gegl-todo.html) that seems to point in that
> direction.

I'd suggest you help to integrate CMYK support with proper color
management into GEGL. The GIMP itself is almost feature-frozen and we
are working hard at getting it released. That's probably not a good
time to integrate CMYK support. We do hope however that GEGL will be
ready for consumption when the release is out so that we can start to
integrate it.

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