On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, Helvetix Victorinox wrote:

> This may be entirely my deficiency, but I am unclear on the general
> usefulness of having a native CMYK implementation.  On one hand I
> understand that there is a perceived value of working with the four
> values, on the other hand I think we expose too much of the underlying
> guts of the colour implemetation and gamuts to the poor user already.
> [snip]
> A contribution here would be the development of a good colour abstraction
> interface.  Let the user choose things like if the image is a COLOR image
> or a Black and White image (GRAY), with or without transparency.  None of
> this business of values like 255 (white in 8bit rgb).  Naturally there
> will be people who want access to the underlying knobs and switches,
> and that's okay. But we ought to at least put a cover over it.
> I think CMYK ought to be a Save As option (as appropriate).
> Helvetix

I disagree. I hate it when software shields away the more advanced
features. It is adjusting to the user, while the user should be adjusting
to software instead. More than that, it's not adjusting to the correct

Marco Wessel

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