python has a template system that might answer all of these issues.

cvs already does whatever cvs wants with the version numbers.  but the
person building their gimp could fill in the version number of their
choice, in my gimpenv script or something similar. 

i don't know how to build an autoconf thing but the preferred version
number could be entered into it like this:
<configuration stuff here>

like, even though i am using gimp from cvs, i still use it like it was
gimp 1.0.4 and miss some of the features that appeared for me in 1.0.2
and also in the 1.1.24 eras that have disappeared since then.  maybe i
could make a template that would know to build a feature reincluder for
whichever version i named it?

anyone see this template system before?  i use it with html.


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