On 2003-06-17 at 2249.44 +0200, Steinar H. Gunderson typed this:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 10:24:51PM +0200, Rapha?l Quinet wrote:
> > I hope that the number of Netscape 4 users has decreased since then, but
> > it is likely that there are still more than a couple of them visiting
> > www.gimp.org.  I had a quick look at the logs without making a full
> > analyzis and I only saw 15 unique IP addresses using Netscape 4 yesterday
> > (excluding my own requests when I took the screenshots).  But this seems
> > to vary very much from day to day.
> Then, is it really worth it to keep kludging backwards compatibility for a
> five year old, not-at-all standards compliant, fading browser? Given that it
> can even be made to work with CSS turned off? :-)
i am sorry that this happened.  having been so long on a 486, i knew
this.  i also knew that it was better to use <hn>'s instead of <p
class="title"> and i let that slip in.

at this point, once everything is fixed, gegl and gimp will be so far
removed from the content contained here.

when i became involved, i knew that i could handle getting the proper
content there.  as time went on, i became the technical person also, i
guess.  no one who understood how things worked was willing to work on
it.  i had to lie to someone to get them to set it up.  and then endure
the correction from above (see mention of php at the camp wiki and the
guest lecturer on mmmaybe).

i wasted a lot of time with team members that disagreed with everything
i said, until i dropped a few names.  when i ask that this condition
cease, i got team members that agreed with everything that i said.  so
how do you make this stop?

i take full responsibility for the brokenness.  i try to move it, as the
information there is better (people can try lynx or w3m) and it is
accessible to many many people who really have stronger ideas and better
opinions than me.

instead i get mail.  mail about how wrong it is.  i read the Changelog
maybe from now on instead?  lots of time for mail.  with everyone taking
so much time with mail, how come i have to stop moving the site? after
taking full responsibility?

i will read the Changelog, you guys keep reading the mail.


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