Hi Sven,
is it time to flame again ?
Instead of that, please try to read _and understand_ the 
arguments other people have against your decision, or how
should one understand :

        "Actually a few magazines already know that the next stable 
        release is supposed to be 2.0 for some time already."

And please try a google search for "gimp 2.0" as suggested. My
quick looking reveals "gimp 2.0 backend", 16 bit, cmyk, does qualify
for pre press ...

At 18:16 18.06.03 +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
>Marc kept stating that there are no user-visible changes in GIMP-1.3.
>I really don't know how much time he spent with GIMP-1.3 ...

See above. BTW: do I have qualified to have an option ?

>but I doubt
>that he is aware of the amount of changes that have been made. To
>clarify things a bit and to justify a 2.0 version number for this
>release, I made a compressed version of the NEWS file as found in the
>1.3 tree. So here's a list of (mostly user-visible) changes. I'm sure
>I still missed quite a few things...
I could comment on every single feature, but if you just reread your 
own list you should be able to see that there is nothing major beside
the huge rewrite which IMHO only justifies the .0 number as in
'beware of totally new misbehaviour' :-)

And Gimp Python was in the Gimp tree before 1.2 was released ...


>What's new in GIMP-1.3
>- Extended the concept of linked items to all kind of transformations
>- Rewritten and much improved text tool (not quite finished yet)
>- Rewritten and improved paths tool (not quite finished yet)
>- Modular display filters and color selectors
>- Popup selectors for brushes, gradients, palettes and the like
>- Improved session managment
>- Fullscreen mode for the image window
>- MNG saving
>- PSD saving
>- Allow to create channels from an image's color component
>- Added color pickers to levels tool for easier color correction
>- Much improved undo system that adapts to the memory requirements of the
>  undo steps
>- Hooks for plug-in debugging
>- Converted the API reference to DocBook XML
>- New colorblindness display filter 
>- Added SphereDesigner plug-in
>- Portability fixes for 64bit platforms
>- Handle large swap files (>2GB)
>- Optional menubar in the image window
>- Added more widgets to libgimp (GimpColorScale, GimpPickButton, ...)
>- Added a color selector dock
>- Added new layer modes (Softlight, Grain Extract, Grain Merge)
>- Added Gimp-Python
>- Improved UI of color adjustment tools
>- Added GimpSelectionEditor, a view on the current selection
>- Cleaned up and improved most plug-ins
>- Support tile cache > 4GB on machines with 64bit long integers
>- Added support for large files (> 2GB)
>- Temporary switch to the Move tool when Space is pressed
>- Added mnemonics all over the place
>- Adopted the Thumbnail Managing Standard
>- Added shortcuts to crop layer or image to selection boundary
>- Improved tool options and made them dockable
>- Cleanup of brush, gradient, pattern and palette PDB functions
>- Allow to choose interpolation for individual transformations
>- New layer mask initialization modes
>- Scanline conversion (Path to selection etc.) changed to use libart
>- Improved preferences dialog
>- Themeable user interface
>- Dockable windows
>- New tool icons
>- New RGB->Indexed quantizer
>- Added Color Erase paint mode
>- Added SF-DIRNAME script-fu parameter
>- Ported to GTK+-2.x
>- Rewrittten and improved almost all of the GUI
>- Cleaned up the core a lot. The app directory is now broken up into
>  subdirectories that define subsystems with defined dependencies
>- Seperated GUI from core functionality in almost all places
>- The core object system does not depend on GTK+ any longer
>- Split up libgimp and libgimpui in a bunch of smaller utility
>  libraries to be used by plug-ins and the core
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