Hi all,

At this stage, everyone has had their say on the version number
thing. Personally I'm surprised there is so much fuss. But at
this stage we all know where we all stand.

I'm starting a new thread to try to accomplish 2 things. 
1) The death of all the other "next version" threads (I think
there are either 2 or 3), and
2) A quick poll of the people concerned in all those threads. 

I want to avoid the kind of permanent talking in circles that is
inevitable in this kind of discussion. As Marc Lehmann has said,
a decision will be made at some stage, and that decision will
have to be made by a small number of people. 

The point, I believe, of having brought this to the list was to
reach some kind of consensus, and to allow people to disagree
with the version bump and give reasons for that disagreement.
That has happened, all the reasons for & against are out in the
open, and now we need a decision. 

To facilitate that, could the people who wish to express an
opinion on the version numbering reply to this thread (once each)
with the version number they would like to see on the next stable
release of the GIMP. The rest of this mail can be snipped.

I'll get the ball rolling: 2.0


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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