on IRC Sven said i really should put these changes to the list for

I will try and make keep this simple but I have a few loosely related
changes all of which are against gimp/app/gui/image-menu.c
The patch is here
Attached to this bug report

The patch itself is simple, but I expect it will be controversial.

Firstly (and most likely to be incredibly unpopular) I want to change
Redo  Control+R to
Redo  Control+Shift+Z


Ctrl+R is not unreasonable, as R is the first letter of Redo (in
English at least) and it probably comes from something older than me that
I am unaware of but very few other applictions use it, which makes it
inconsistant and harder for most people to learn.

I will qualify what I mean when I say very few:

Microsoft Windows doesnt use Ctrl+R, usually it uses Ctrl+Y the twisted
logic being that Y comes before Z and Z is used for Undo.  (Mozilla uses
Ctrl+Y for Redo as well).

Apple OS X uses AppleKey/"CommandKey" + Shift + Z, older versions may have
used "CommandKey" + Y but I cannot remember clearly.  The logic is to use
a Shifted version of a keybinding for closely related actions across the
whole desktop which makes it slightly easier to guess unknown keybindings
(and means you can use Ctrl+Y for something else).

Gnome uses* Ctrl+Shift+Z for Redo.
[* most Gnome apps do already or will follow the Gnome Human Interface
This guideline does makes sense, they are just following Apples logic]

KDE also uses Ctrl+Shift+Z

(These are based on a google search:)
Abode Photoshop also seems to use Ctrl+Shift+Z for Redo
Jasc Paint Shop Pro is a bit strange and uses Ctrl+Alt+Z,
because Ctrl+Shift+Z is already taken by Undo History (using Ctrl+Alt+Z
for Undo in Gimp wouldn't be a terrible idea, but i know using Alt cause
some minor problems in places).

So I have made it pretty clear that many many people would be more
comfortable with having Ctrl+Shift+Z but I have not forgotten about those
of you who have been using the Gimp for a very long time.  One option is
to reassig the keybinding manually.  There also already exists a Menu
Configuration File for Photoshop users, I propose a Menu Configuration for
users who like the current menu configuration and dont want things changed
(there was a bug report about being allowed to change and reset the menurc
from the preferences dialog but i am not sure of its current

I also want Ctrl+R for a different keybinding.

This message is getting really long so I will explain the rest of
the patch in other emails, please hold off critiquing the rest of the
patch for a while so that I have a chance to _fully_ explain my reasoning.

I have put a lot of time and thought into this, but I am not an expert I
just know what I like and have a reasonably good understanding of why so
please consider your criticism carefully.


Alan Horkan

PS Please leave my address in the CC line,
I am subscribed to the list digest and it will take me a while to give
carefully considered responses to any questions.

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