On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 03:21:03AM +0200,  Marc A. Lehmann  wrote:

> > Well, the two big platforms where the GIMP will be used in the
> > future are GNOME and KDE. Both of those follow the HIG guideline
> > of Ctrl-Shift-Z. On windows, the main alternative app (photoshop) 
> > uses the same shortcut. 
> While I totally agree to your agruments about following existing standards
> and/or practise, in Gimp we have the additional problem that ctrl-shift-z
> is not very ergonomical. Unlike word processors, undo-redo (repeatedly) is
> quite a normal and very common operation with gimp to compare operations
> or filters.

Why not simply (?) use both keystrokes?

Bye, Tino.

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