Jakub Steiner wrote:

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> If we were to be consistent, this would have changed so that the shift
> key is again again the invertor. But this would mean a lot of replacing
> of Ctrl/Shift throughout the tools.
> I, for one, would welcome some thought put into consistency.

As would I. I would like to get some usability people to have a
look at the current CVS gimp and give us ideas as to what we can
do to make the interface more consistent, and more user-friendly. 

In the meantime, there are some basics - keystrokes which are so
common elsewhere that the fact that we use something else is an
aberration, and has just stayed like that for ages, rather than a
policy decision. 

The HIG is a good start, as are the OpenDesktop
reccommendations/standards (which we've been following for the
most part). It would be nice to consistentise the interface
between now and GIMP:TNG.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France

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