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of the first things I teach to one who is learning the GIMP is the dinamic shortcut allocation.

Which has gone out of 1.3 (yes, you can enable it in the preferences, but
people telling me that it probably doesn't work because it collides with
gtk2 isn't encouraging).

That's actually my only usability problem with 1.3 now... If dynamic
shortcuts don't work reliably, they should be taken out and not be
offered. The better option would be to "fix" gtk2 if it needs fixing, or
just plain disbaling that part, since  I can't say I found anything int
he new UI that would let pay me the price of not having dynamic

Really, dynamic key bindings is *the* killer feature. Disabling it in
1.3 is a major drawback.


I don't know how much it's dictated by gtk2, but it seens weird that the GIMP usability gets hurt for changes on The Gimp Toolkit.

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