On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 04:07:29PM +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > However, there is no need to change this at all, I was just under
> > the wrong impression that it was dangerous to enable them *at all*,
> > and not "dangerous to enable them because I often bump my head on
> > the caps at the wrong time" :)
> Well, we plan to add more mnemonics to the menus (mnemonics are those
> underlined characters that improve keyboard navigation). As soon as
> you start using them, you will find yourself accidentally reassigning
> keyboard shortcuts quite frequently.

When I understand you correctly this means that I will see underlined
entries that will not work as the corresponding keys are assigned by me to
sth. else.

Then this looks like a serious issue, since this feature is probably not
used often by advanced users, but often by beginners, while the dynamic
shortcuts are used as quick-assign-keys by advanced users.

While I am all for making gimp more usable, I think making it more useful
to advanced users would be better than to make life harder for them
(correct me if i am wrong, but do you know anybody who is seriously using
gimp without extensively using dynamic shortcuts? I don't).

What you describe clearly is also a bug, since either the mnemonics
shouldn't be there if they clash with my own keybindings (just as
reassigning a keybinding will remove the old assigment), or the
reassignment shouldn't happen when it clashes (less preferable).

Also, wouldn't it make sense to use only one mechanism to handle both
dynamic assigments as well mnemonics? If menmonics can't do that this
might be a shortcoming in gtk2.

Lastly, telling me I don't understand something because it works fine and
then telling me that the feature doesn't work fine sounds like there
might still be a problem lurking in this area... :)

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