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> But why do menmonics and dynamic shortcuts clash at all? Either a key is
> bound to a menmonic or it is bound to a dynamic shortcut, but never
> both. And if I really want to reassign a key used currently by a
> mnemonic, it should either work or not work, but assigning it to both
> mnemonic and a shortcut doesn'T sound like a "solution" to me.

The problem is that once you enter a submenu an item is selected.
Mnemonics make it possible to access a particular item in the submenu
with an underlined letter. But with dynamic shortcuts on, you can assign
a shortcut to the active item. And it can be a single letter/key

It may be possible to have no items selected when entering a
subdirectory, but I'd have to leave that discussion to gtk+ aware
hackers. Also the parent menu item might be ready to accept the shortcut
combo at this time, so maybe it doesn't solve the problem either.

If you think of the 'dynamic shortcuts' preference as an alternative to
shortcut editor you will probably see it's not much of a workaround. You
activate it and are working in shortcut learning mode. You turn it off
once you're done with assigning shortcuts.


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