From: Bronwyn Carlisle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 16:40:29 +1200

   I have looked everywhere to try and fix my problem, you are my final
   hope.  I want to print from Gimp.  I used to be able to, but then I
   upgraded to v. 1.2.4 and "print" disappeared from the file menu.

This is due to a change in Gimp 1.2.4, as documented in the INSTALL
for that:

  5. --disable-print. The print plug-in requires a recent version of
     libgimpprint. If you don't have it already installed, download
     it from If you want to compile
     GIMP without support for printing, use the --disable-print option.

   I have installed gimp-print, but that doesn't fix it.  I'm figuring
   that this is because Fink installs things in the sw directory and
   all references are to that directory tree.  Fink unfortunately does
   not seem to have gimp-print however, so I had to install it using
   the Gimp-print.pkg installer (I'm using Mac OS X 10.2.6 by the way
   with Apple's X11) and I rather imagine that it puts things in a
   totally different place, where Gimp can't see them.  I have looked
   and looked in various /usr/local/... directories and can't find
   anything that looks like a misplaced printer plug-in for gimp. In
   /usr/local/lib I found a hopeful looking directory called gimp, but
   it was empty.

The Gimp-Print package (.pkg file) is intended for CUPS support for
pure OS X use (which is what most OS X users want), not for printing
from the GIMP.  To get printing from the GIMP, you'll currently need
to install Gimp-Print from source.  Currently there's an open bug
against Gimp-Print related to building the plugin under OS X (and
possibly against more than just OS X).

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