Hi all,

Just to inform peopel who aren't following CVS or Bugzilla, Exif
support (of a kind) has been added to HEAD.

If you have libexif installed, you can now conserve exif data
stored with a jpeg across GIMP edits. There are no interface
bells and whistles, no metadata editor, no exif data editor. If
the data is there, it's loaded up and associated with the
GimpImage, and if it's there at save time (when you're saving as
jpeg), it's written out to the output file. 

This is step 1 in a grand plan (which will probably never get to
step 5).

1) Don't destroy exif information
2) Don't destroy tiff/ep information
3) Don't destroy IPTC/XPC information
4) Update all of the data elements directly associated with the
image for which there is no extra user interraction required 
(width/height, comment)
5) Provide a nice way to edit metadata
6) Have metadata associated with layers rather than images, and
have a nice way to merge metadata from different sources.

Anyone know of a free C library that parses tiff/ep, iptc and xmp
data? How about Dublin Core? 

Anyway, this is just an information email... but if people have
ideas for nice external libraries to do the rest of this stuff,
they're welcome.

Just to preempts the PMT (Picture Metadata Toolkit) suggestion, 
OpenTIFF and OpenExif are C++ - and do we really want to have
Xerces/C++ as a dependency of the gimp for xmp/iptc support?


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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