Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So I have made it pretty clear that many many people would be more
> comfortable with having Ctrl+Shift+Z but I have not forgotten about those
> of you who have been using the Gimp for a very long time.  One option is
> to reassig the keybinding manually.  There also already exists a Menu
> Configuration File for Photoshop users, I propose a Menu Configuration for
> users who like the current menu configuration and dont want things changed
> (there was a bug report about being allowed to change and reset the menurc
> from the preferences dialog but i am not sure of its current
> state).

I think we shouldn't do this change since I can not follow your
arguments. Everyone seems to be using a different keybinding for Redo
and we use Ctrl-R for quite some time now. Why should we change the
default?  Perhaps we need a hig-menurc...

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