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> Then this looks like a serious issue, since this feature is probably not
> used often by advanced users, but often by beginners, while the dynamic
> shortcuts are used as quick-assign-keys by advanced users.
> While I am all for making gimp more usable, I think making it more useful
> to advanced users would be better than to make life harder for them
> (correct me if i am wrong, but do you know anybody who is seriously using
> gimp without extensively using dynamic shortcuts? I don't).
> What you describe clearly is also a bug, since either the mnemonics
> shouldn't be there if they clash with my own keybindings (just as
> reassigning a keybinding will remove the old assigment), or the
> reassignment shouldn't happen when it clashes (less preferable).
> Also, wouldn't it make sense to use only one mechanism to handle both
> dynamic assigments as well mnemonics? If menmonics can't do that this
> might be a shortcoming in gtk2.
> Lastly, telling me I don't understand something because it works fine and
> then telling me that the feature doesn't work fine sounds like there
> might still be a problem lurking in this area... :)

I consider myself an advanced user and I find both the mnemonics and the
dynamic shortcuts useful. You can quickly run out of shortcuts, but
because they are multilevel, mnemonics can still be used to quickly
access a feature (alt+f,b,g sequence to access gaussian blur for

I find the preference toggle to be a best solution to the two clashing
features. I do not want access keys/mnemonics to go away because of
dynamic shortcuts. Another solution would be to not use single key
shortcuts, so that those work for all the mnemonics, but I find that
more limiting than the preference toggle, since I usually set up
shortcuts once and then work with the session.


P.S.: if my previous mail actually made it, accept my apology for double
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