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> If we would design our own extremely simple wrapper format there would be
> no need to work with the compatibility mess existing formats are (all of
> them :). If we say that access by other tools than gimp is not important
> we could get away with an extremely simple format, say, cat files*, index
> at end which could be just offset and length, indexed by number, meta-info
> is all handled by an xml "sub"-file.
> The question is simply wether it should be a standard format or not.

I would really like to see a format that is suited to serve as a more
general exchange format for image data. If possible it should not be
designed as a GIMP-only format. People already use XCF in other apps
simply because there is no reasonable format for layered images. So
there's seems to be a need for such a format which is why I would like
to make access to it as simple as possible. Of course this goal could
also be achieved by providing a library that handles whatever weirdo
binary format we come up with...

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