On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 10:43:13PM +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> designed as a GIMP-only format. People already use XCF in other apps
> simply because there is no reasonable format for layered images.

That is not true. MIFF was around for years, for example, was always
able to store layers, animations, and an unlimited amount of meta
information. There are probably others, too.

XCF isn't the first (nor the most "open") format for this task (and it
wasn't intended as one).

> there's seems to be a need for such a format which is why I would like
> to make access to it as simple as possible.

This, of course, is a good goal in it's own. However:

- maybe there is a need to have a gimp-specific file format, especially
  when you want to store the image data in a non-trivial way to speed up
- maybe there is a need to have a nicely defined exchange format for
  complex images (xml + data is nicer than the ad-hoc design of miff).

These are conflicting goals.

Realisticelly, however, it'll be a long time till gimp wants a special,
optimized on-disk format.

(as for a format, miff is basically line-based header + image data,
iterated, which is very nice... it'S not nifty XML, but the fatc that
image data and metadata are grouped so near to each other is also nice...)

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