[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-17 at 0959.32 +0200):
> > Brainstorming, a dir named .xcf2 with the proposed contents inside? :]
> Would probably cause problems (ie. be cumbersome) copying, moving around on
> the web, etc. :-) We aren't quite at reiser4 yet. :-)

Well, I think people can copy dirs like they copy files (the small
nitpick is shell users, and those should know how to solve it). And
pack them for web too. Only problem I see is users complaining about
what was a single files now being a single dir, and "oh, damn, I can
look inside". In the end, both are project contaniers. No need of any
future FS, NeXT did it long time ago, it is more about the upper level
tools than the FS.

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