Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> First of all, Mitch and me are not willing to raise the 2.0 versus 1.4
>> discussion again.
> Gimp is more than "Mitch and me," isn't it?

Yes it is. And if you are really willing to continue this sinless
discussion instead of helping us to get the release done, we can of
course do you that favor.

> Yes, calling the new release 2.0 is a LIE.  I cannot emphasize this
> strongly enough.  It is a lie because we have told many, many people
> what 2.0 will do.  To release a 2.0 without these features is pure
> misrepresentation.  It is much too late to put the worms back into
> the can.

It has lots and lots of features that we did never promise and despite
of 16bit support I don't see what we would be missing (provided we get
the basic CMYK supoprt finished that we started to work on). I really
don't see your point. I am trying hard but I cannot see the lie you
are talking about in big bold letters. I'm sorry but I don't have any
respect for someone who is trying to nail us on plans we made years
ago. This is just ridiculous, especially for a free software project
that people work on in their free time.

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