"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       I am here working, though slowly, on the programable layer mode, 
> which I proposed when I first joined the list.
> It's not such a  small change, since adding layer modes breaks the 
> cross-reading of .xcf files.
> So what I need to know now is:
>       - If I deliver a partially working patch by next week, could it be 
> included before the feature freeze?

I don't think we can include any new partially working functionality
at this point of the development. Also we will surely not break XCF
backward compatibility.

>       - Else, I think the proper moment to bring it up would be when
> the new GIMP file save format, which is on topic nowadays, would be
> implemented. Could that be 2.2 ?

I am sorry but I cannot yet say anything definitive about the plans
after 2.0. This needs further disucssion first.

> Or do we have a chance of having this new file format in 2.0?

No, it's definitely too late to introduce a new file format now.

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