> 1) User feedback on the development series is poor

Mozilla has nightly builds.  Mozilla gets lots of feedback.

When I asked if there were binaries (RPMs) of the Gimp 1.3.x releases I
was told in no uncertain terms that I should be building from CVS.
Some RPMs of some of the releases were available on RPMFind.net which
allowed me to get started looking at Gimp 1.3 although I did eventually
make the effort to build from CVS.
If there are any win32 builds of the 1.3.x series then I have not seen or
heard anything about them.

If you want more feedback then binaries for every release would be very
helpful to allow people to test and give feedback on the GIMP.
I guess this ties in to the release cycle.

> Proposal 6 - allow people to submit bug reports without a
bugzilla account. I would like it if Bugzilla could get their

In order to maintain some level of quality bug reports this is not such a
good idea.
Some small barrier to entry is actually useful to keep up the quality of
bug reports even if you do unfortunately lose out on quantity.
Bug-buddy to an extent allows people to submit bugs without a bugzilla

If asked to do so the user lists may be willing to listen carefully to
feedback and help file some bug reports when they see fit, or encourage
people how have problems and help them to file bug reports and confirm
that the problem exists.  Normal users can be very good at turning
unhelpful flames and unconstructive criticism into useful constuctive
bug reports, filtering out the bits and hopefully forwarding on what
the developer need to know.

I have more comments but I'll leave them for later.

The current situation is good in many ways and the GIMP has come a long
way but I hope that even more can be done and the GIMP get better and


Alan Horkan

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