Am Mit, 2003-07-23 um 18.17 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> I think we could get the framework done for 2.0 and fill in the
> content when 2.0 is out. 

Ok, this sounds like a plan; I'm not entirely happy but after all this
is not the only of our goals... :)

> The help files are supposed to be distributed separately anway so I
> don't see the long period of time you are speaking of.

Distributed seperately? Good idea, however that means that someone has
to do releases....

> I tried to outline one. Should I try to explain it again?

Hold on, if it's in the long mail I haven't answered yet then I'll
probably get to it this afternoon and maybe I can get an idea of whether
there's a chance it'll work.

If it might work then we should go for the (in my eyes) unsatisfactory
hack, if I can imagine problems we'll have to discuss a bit more or you
show us your proof of concept. :)


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