In another bug report (which I am having difficulty finding) a users
complians of being asked too many questions during Save.

To solve this i suggested that there should be a section in Preferences
allowing you to set save options on the basis that you dont need to set
these options every time you save, usually you will want to use the same
ones most of them.
There would also need to be an [Options] button in the save dialog to
access it quickly and change a save option when needed.

I would be very much in favour of having a Prefernces section Export (and
possibly Import).  Hopefully I can help recommend how this might be added.
I would be inclined to push the feature request to Future.


Alan Horkan

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 [FEATURE] Some plug-in settings should be persistent accross sessions
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Hi all,

Notably the Gif and Jpeg plug-ins have defaults which people
change fairly frequently.

It would be nice if preferences for plug-ins survived session
changes. The way to do this might be in saving them to an rc file
without providing an interface to changing them in the normal
preferences dialog (this might be handy enough although Sven
might have something to say about it).

Basically some discussion is needed. Currently, the jpeg defaults
suck. I would suggest following the advice in this bug and
changing the default quality to 85%. Currently this is hard-coded
in the plug-in.

If someone were to spend a bit of time figuring out how we could
do this better (and reporting here, and claiming the bug) that
would be great.


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