On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 22:27, David Neary wrote:
> Hi all,
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78730
> It would be nice if the Ctrl modifier did for the move tool what
> it did for other tools and constrained movement to 22.5 degree
> directions. The feature needs doing. Who wants it?

The thing changed in 1.3 and now the Ctrl modifier is used to toggle the
behaviour of the tool from pick to move current. So this may only mean
using Shift for the constraint. 

However this is a little inconsistent. I would suggest we go back to how
1.2 was in this particular tool and try to use Shift where Ctrl is being
used in 1.3 (I have absolutely no idea how much work this is):

Selection tools:
no change (both Shift and Ctrl toggle the mode)

Zoom tool:
use Shift to toggle in/out.

Move tool:
use Shift to toggle pick/move current
use Ctrl for movement constraint

Crop tool:
use Shift to toggle crop/resize
perhaps use Ctrl for keeping either 1:1 aspect ratio or the aspec ratio
of the whole image (new feature)

Transform tools:
no change

Flip tool:
use Shift instead of Ctrl

Text tool:
This is a little complicated. Currently if a text layer exists and is
selected, one can click on a pixel that has text on it. Now the tool
options change the text attributes. Clicking on it again brings up the
edit window. Now let's see if this is better:

Selecting a text layer with the text tool active will automatically make
any changes to the tool optins apply to the text layer. Clicking
anywhere on the layer will bring up the edit dialog with the text
loaded. A Shift modifier will toggle edit_current/new_text_layer
behaviour. Setting default text tool parameters can be done on a
non-text layer. I apologise Sven for thinking about this too late :/

Fill tool:
There's currently no modifier to fill with patterns. Now that we have
RGBA patterns and the feature is actually useful ;) it would be nice to
have a similar toggle as the select tools. Shift to toggle BG fill and
Ctrl to toggle pattern fill. The option dialog could have nice little
buttons with a FG rectangle, BG rectangle and active pattern rectangle,
just like the selection tools have.

Gradient tool:
Shift could toggle the reverse gradient. Ctrl remains.

Clone, Pen, Pencil, Airbrush, Dodgeburn, Blursharpen, Smudge and Eraser:
Although Ctrl is used to toggle to picker tool, I'd leave it as it is,
since Ctrl is used for constraints after shift is pressed.

Ink tool:
no change

*Important mental shift* ;)

One last thought - we got rid of Alt+ shortcuts, because alt is reserved
for access keys (mnemonics). However in poptatoshop for example Alt is
used as a toggle key (zoom in/out, clone tool's pick area/draw...). That
could be an option too, so that the paint tools make more sense (Alt to
toggle paint/pick color, Shift for lines,Ctrl for constraints).

Kinda late, but worth a thought?  


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