i am sitting here, mostly picking my nose, waiting for my ex
room mate to get his shit out of my already crappy enough
apartment without the ferret shit, waiting for email from this
list to distract me with.

this room mate was very rude. he chased my friends away and drank coffee i made for years and years. rarely contributing
to the resources or the actual process of making it. The coffee is actually a good example, as he got pissy one time because i took a cup before it had finished, he broke the part
that allowed me to do this on the appliance. I had bought the
new coffee maker.

this room mate would not even allow my family through the door.

the advice i got from my dad was to move, however, many of my
resources went into helping this room mate flunk out of ee

he is supposedly coming today with a truck to remove his stuff.
i think he needs to follow his own rules while removing his
stuff from my residence. I am thinking that it would be fun
to insist that his friends hang out with me from across the street and watch him make his system work. he is hanging out
with a pack of christians lately and i could talk about bible
stories all day long.

so here it is, i will be happy to provide boones farm for all
that would like to hang out with me today and watch my brother
(my ex-roommate) demonstrate how his rules were intended to work.

is there a better approach to this? i am astonished with the
gimp developers and how they were able to work through some
of the roughest of problems and make beautiful images in the end. I am wondering if your sense of judgement can embellish
or rework my problems, maybe ending up with a better or more importantly, more entertaining solution.

sorry for the off topicness of this.
thanks for your time and software

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