Alan Horkan wrote:

On Sat, 26 Jul 2003, Carol Spears wrote:

the archives are either completely broken or just

severely delayed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

it is the 26 of July and the archive still does not show any messages for

try the url right above ^^^^^
that mail archives site, who knows where it came from, if
i understand your problem correctly.


That is very condescending, rude, and entirely unhelpful.

I checked the archives several times this week and I also checked them
before posting my previous message.  I checked them again just now.

July is still not listed.
The search doesn't seem to work either


Alan Horkan

yes, please accept my apologies.

in the past, this problem was always with a different site
that did better in google than the berkeley lists.

i am very sorry; i did not intend rudeness.


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