As noticeable from recent ChangeLog entries there
is some misunderstanding which functions belong
into libgimp and libgimpui.

My (mis)understanding so far was :

libgimpui : everything which has or provides a user
libgimp : no UI; exception maybe some user interface
          provided by The Gimp core via PDB, cause
          the generated PDB wrappers live there, too.

The functions in question are 
which I have put into libgimpui without noticing that (which my windoze build does not use) has them 
in libgimp. 
But after noticing to me it appears to be a bug in not to list them for libgimpui ...

Is there a simple design rule to follow or is the rule that is always right ?

Oh while we are at it: shouldn't gimp_plug_in_get_path()
be moved from gimpmiscui.c to gimpmisc.c ?


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