On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 02:24:49PM +0200, Daniel Egger wrote:
> Maybe you forgot the attachment.
Sure, but now its attached ...

> I'm not sure this is the best idea since it will be tricky to keep the
> English and the German version (at least to some extend) in sync. It's
> probably the best to combine all languages into the same file
> distinguishing the languages by lang tags. However I haven't thought
> much about this since you're the first to bring the topic up.
Hm ... maybe the files will become really big after adding some
different languages (e.g. de, cz ...). I dont know if there is any
standard to get the language of the system, but the $LANG environment
variable seems a good start for me. So, guess this variable and select
the right directory on start.

Roman Joost
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