Am Son, 2003-07-27 um 15.23 schrieb Roman Joost:

> > Thanks, applied. I'm glad it works for you; I haven't received much
> > feedback about it. What OS do you have?
> Debian GNU/Linux (sid - unstable)

Ok, no surprise that worked. :)

> Or should the lang specified as an attribute? like:
> <variablelist><title lang="de">Optionen</title>

It is an attribute which can be placed on any tag and (hopefully) in any
depth. I'd suggest setting it on every first child of sect1s, i.e.

<sect1 id='introduction-gimp'>
  <title lang="en">Welcome to The GIMP</title>
  <title lang="de">Willkommen bei GIMP</title>
  <indexterm lang="en">
    <primary>The GIMP</primary>
  <indexterm lang="de">
  <para lang="en">

Have a look at the current CVS version, I translated a few parts for
instance in introduction.xml and added the mechanics for the German
translation, so if you type make you'll get two directories in C/
plainhtml and plainhtml-de. 

Please note that every tag not qualified with a language attribute will
show up in all languages and content which is qualified in sect1 childs
but not translated will show up as empty sections in the index.

Also the profiled version spits out some useless warning but apart from
that it works fine.


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