Daniel Egger wrote:

Am Son, 2003-07-27 um 12.36 schrieb Roman Joost:

Okey ... i did a fresh checkout from the gimp-help-2 module and get it to
"work". I attached a 3 lines patch for the configure.in file, because i
was wondering about a program called "no", which was used, if no xsltproc is
installed on the system. Now its working fine for me and configure do
the right thing for me. So, maybe i was a bit confused and fixed,
which shouldn't be fixed - do what you want with the "patch" ;)

Maybe you forgot the attachment.

But, this is not my main intention here - lets speak about german
documentation. I figured out, that the gimp-help will now be written in
docbook sgml.

XML, not SGML.

What do you think, where should i start? Maybe i'll create a new de_DE
directory and start writing ...

I'm not sure this is the best idea since it will be tricky to keep the English and the German version (at least to some extend) in sync. It's probably the best to combine all languages into the same file distinguishing the languages by lang tags. However I haven't thought much about this since you're the first to bring the topic up.

Are there any policies to follow?

- Don't mess with the structure - the content needs to compile all the time (i.e. be valid DocBook/XML) - new content has to be submitted to a reviewer before committing (which would be me for German unless someone else steps up (Nomis, Sven, Marc, Mitch?))

I really can't imagine that there was no german manual or a something
I hope, i'm able to change this ...

Go ahead. If you have anything toss it over to me and I'll get the Module the shape.

just for me, can someone count the contributions from everyone
to the gimp-help that is there and working?

if we start doing the same thing again, i don't know.  it is
hard enough right now to type comprehensible email about it.

i learned history so that i do not repeat it. i learned that
the opinions of the people who set the systems up are crap and
the opinions of the people who use the system are all that matter.

you run down failing pathways.  i cannot go with you.  do the
people contributing or trying to contribute get a say?

Roman, i invested money to learn docbook, i suspect it was to
keep up a broken system and broken people.  i would send you
$5 to try to rid yourself of this dependency on docbook, at least
for your own sake, try to get a better deal for yourself from
prof and docbook authors.

i think it destroyed syngin. syngin was beautiful.  look at the
commit list.

what is a good and proper way to say "Something stinks so badly
and i suspect it is <name of stink maker>." and not piss anyone
off and be clearly understood.


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