Am Son, 2003-07-27 um 19.16 schrieb Roman Joost:

>     1. The German Umlauts are really annoying. Are there some
>     pre-processors, which checks the umlauts and replaces them with an
>     utf entity (or the predifined HTML umlauts... what else...)? If not,
>     it think i'll write a little script. I forget them every time...

Hehe, and you even introduced a typo by trying to fix one of mine. :)
Try to convince your Editor to map Umlauts to HTML Entities and you're

>     2. How do i create a better patch? I tried:    
>         cvs diff -R help/ > foobar.patch
>     but it looked nothing suitable for submitting.

If prefer them in unified format (-u), but except for that and a few
wrong locations this looks pretty good.

>     3. How do you planed the reviewing process. Should i create a patch,
>     submit this to you and you'll check it in the cvs repository?


>     Maybe it'll be better, that any editor has an cvs access.

We certainly can get you one, however I'd like to ensure a consistent
typing and markup which is why I'm not too fond of this idea right now.
The best way to get your CVS account soon is to flood my mailbox with
high quality content so I get annoyed by applying your patches. :)

>     The reviewing process goes on text crosswise. Everyone is checkin
>     the help from another editor?

This makes sense once there're more editors.

> Thats it so far. Tell me if the introduction.xml is okey and i can go
> any further.

Looks good, keep going!


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