Roman Joost wrote:
>     2. How do i create a better patch? I tried:
>         cvs diff -R help/ > foobar.patch
>     but it looked nothing suitable for submitting.

All (or most) CVS operations are recursive by default. diff -u
gives a unified diff, which is the preferred diff type for the
GIMP in general, being quite readable. So 

cvs diff -u help > help.patch 

should do the trick.

To have this option on all the time, add the line "diff -u" to
the file ~/.cvsrc (create the file if there isn't already one).
You should probably consider adding the lines "update -dP" and
"cvs -z3 -e/usr/bin/emacs" too.

That's the only one of your questions I have an answer for,
though :)


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France

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