Am Son, 2003-07-27 um 19.18 schrieb Roman Joost:

> okey.. i'll learn that i've to attache that damn file on the mail, when
> i mention it. .. brr

Not bad. A few points though: 
- Easy writing style is fine
- We don't need a 1:1 translation; in case you can explain it better in
  German, do it.
- I'm not sure which article to use for GIMP in German so I normally
  don't write one. A male article sounds more strange than none at all
  but if we can find a good ruling -- all the better.
- Watch stray English words (I found some ors', ands' and as')
- Watch the formatting and indention, 2 spaces indention per tag
  instance and a line length of 80 characters maximum (I personally use
  75 though which together with the indention keeps the maximum amount 
  of characters per line between 50 and 70 thus helping reading because
  the eye can easier track the text, like columns in magazine)

I'll commit in a second, thanks a lot!


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