Am Mon, 2003-07-28 um 17.47 schrieb Joao S. O. Bueno:

> In Portuguese, the current use is for a male article - and trying 
> making it female would be pretty bizarre. As fa as I can recall, all 
> computer prograns or aplications are refered as male here. But 
> anyway, many words have their genders swapped between German and 
> Portuguese anyway.

I'm pretty confident that "die GIMP" (female) is wrong, it's either "der
GIMP" (male) or "das GIMP" (no gender). I'd say it is "das GIMP" because
the P stands for program which has no gender and for acronyms typically
the last word determines the gender. However since no article is not a
problem at all in most cases I'd rather go with this....


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