Am Die, 2003-07-29 um 02.14 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> Are you refering to the GimpColorTools here? (Derivatives of
> GimpColorTool are all the color correction tools as well as the paint
> tools.)  You are right that we are using a square area here but since
> the value in question describes the half width of the square, radius
> seems appropriate.

Interesting. :)

> But since the code for color-picking is now finally in a single place,
> we could change it to use and preview a circle.
> Would that make sense?

I'd display whatever is used to sample the image. I tried to figure out
whether the colorpicker is really using a square or a circle to sample
the color information and it occured to me that it really uses all
pixels within the square not just those within a virtual circle
contained in the square.

I guess I don't really understand your question. Do you want to know
whether it makes sense to display the shape actually used for sampling
or whether to use a circle instead of a square?
I'd say: Make the shape configurable and always display the correct one
in the image.


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