On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Phil Harper wrote:

> > > The shape displayed is what's used to sample, that's not a question.
> > > Make it configurable doesn't seem like a good idea here. I guess most
> > > people will agree that a circle is the natural choice.
> >
> >I don't. The colorpicker ist quite handy to determine the average color
> >in some area and a square is much more natural to handle. Also for a
> >circle to be somewhat usable you'd have to take the in/out coverage of
> >the pixels under the radius into account or you'll get disturbing
> >results for small sizes.
> i would tend to agree, if i want an average for an area i will usually be
> after a square anyway, however, it would be good to have a checkbox to
> switch between circular and "classic" behaviour, i don't know how much of a
> concern this is but surely you should be keeping inline with what the
> installed userbase are used to and are happy working with more than
> pandering to the Photo$hop audience...

I am inclined to believe that the different colour pickers are useful for
different tasks and that it is worth while to include the various
different colour pickers for the various different use cases.

(Although it is entirely possible that you are not talking about exactly
what I think you are talking about.  Tired, need food.)

-- Alan Horkan

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