Hi all,

Ummm - this is going to be a short mail. There wasn't any.
Feedback, that is.

There were a few comments in bugzilla (which is always welcome),
but of the 1.3 milestone bugs, 3 have been resolved in the past 4
days. One of these was a duplicate bug, another was a simple
patch application, and a third was a modification of some
existing sources. 3 very easy bugs, but quite time consuming.
Apart from that, 0.

Not only have no bugs been closed, none have been claimed. I was
hoping that people would chance their arm, say "I'll do that",
and then, well, if it didn't work out they could get help on IRC,
or give up. There's nothing wrong with that, and when the bug
already includes a patch, that mlakes things all that much

But the flood of offers hasn't come. I am very grateful to the
people who worked hard getting Bugzilla into a decent state. I
was hoping some others who hadn't done that would step up to
actually do a bit of coding.

I have no more gimp time until camp, I'm afraid - my parents are
coming to France to see me this week, and they're staying for a
fortnight (you got the calculations right - they'll be here while
I'm in Berlin). And Sven and mitch are snowed under, as usual,
with outstanding stuff. There are quite a few easy bug fixes to
be had in the 1.3 milestone - I posted a summary with bugzilla
bug numbers a few days ago. I really hope that some of these
features with patches outstanding make it into the gimp before
the feature freeze, but unfortunately I won't be the one putting
them in.

See you all in Berlin, and happy GIMPing,


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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