Hey everyone,

Me and a few others on the web-team thought it might be time for you to
know a little more about what has happened to the site right now and
what is going on with it. So here is a little statistics list of things
being worked at and things that is being changed.

- MacOSX information are on the way and we Mat Caughron as the
maintainer for the MacOSX section now. Thanks to Mat we also have
screenshots also. So a great thanks goes to Mat because he has taken the
time to write this information for w.g.o.

When the information is on the site then both me and Mat would like to
have some feedback on the information that will be in the MacOSX

- Bugs have now changed to be a section with information and there is
HOWTOs in that section now also. I wrote a "How To Submit a Patch" this
weekend also and would like people to look at it and give me comments
and some feedback to make it even better.

- Many cleanups and smaller changes has been worked out also. Though
there is a few things like the Documents section that needs to be looked
at also. I want to do as much cleaning up as possible to make the move
easier and faster.

I have a list of things locally that we have to look at. But what I want
to ask from you guys is to look at the site and report problems that
might be trouble when we move the site to w.g.o.

We would have been more then happy to say that the site is ready as it
is now but there is as you can see some small things that is going to be
done and we hope to do them as fast as possible.

So please test things on the site and give us feedback about the tests.

Niklas Mattisson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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